About CAR

A Brief On Central African Republic (CAR)

The Central African Republic is one of the naturally most beautiful places in the world, with lush, green jungles that have largely been left alone by the advancing human civilization. Tourism in the Central African Republic is an adventure and a thrill of the lifetime, particularly if you wish to see nature at its purest and greenest, with wild animals with the full freedom to roam as they please, without fear and without having their space encroached upon by man. It’s hardly a surprise then that the environment magazine, the Ecologist had declared the country the world’s best example of sustainable development, with a perfect balance of man and nature, with nature largely unspoiled and beautiful, just as it is supposed to be. Now that we have hopefully whetted your appetite about traveling to this exotic part of the world, we proceed to tell you all the details about tourism in the Central African Republic. Read on for more information